Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-seven: Whoosh!

Not much to report this week, in fact, not much time to report much of anything.

Congrats to Cynthia of Yucaipa, CA! She’s the winner of the Gorgeous Yarn from Neighborhood Fiber Co.

We’ve got Epoch one, sections 13-14 today.
Go Walter!

Book talk begins around 5 min.
Listen to 197 audio.

3 thoughts on “Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-seven: Whoosh!

  1. Debra aka raederle

    I’m struggling with the desire to run to Librivox and download the rest of the episodes. I’ve temporarily quelled the urge by downloading all of “The Moonstone”. I’m at chapter 16 of 48. I find it just as intriguing and mysterious as “The Woman in White”. I added one of the movies to my Netflix queue to watch when we have finished the novel. I have watched its status go from available, to short wait to long wait. *tee-hee* I think a lot of your listeners have a Netflix subscription.

  2. hunter

    Oh, love the new layout! And yay for you for finding the time to fiddle with web stuff in the midst of all the other stuff you’ve got going on. When do you sleep?

  3. Josie

    Loved the claymation! I’ve done the survey and posted the link to my facebook page too so hopefully send some more traffic your way.

    When I was about 12 we learned a made-up language and were tested on it in school. They said it was to work out if we were language-enabled enough to learn German as well as French. French was standard and German was extra. It was nothing like either of them but was completely phonetic. I loved it, it was like code breaking. I didn’t get to study German though, because I was in the naughty class.

    Thank-you Heather and Penny for sorting out the comments! I did indeed worry that I’d broken something with my extra long commenting.

    Oh yes and the Inns. My mum studied Law in about 1990 (after she did her degree as a mature student) when I was doing the first year of my degree. And she travelled to London every day and used to eat her dinner at the Inns of Court and wore her gown and wig etc. She was very into it as she’s such a snob. Us Brits do like our little rituals and traditions that make us feel special. So I would say that they were definitely doing that 20 years ago and probably are still now.

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