5 thoughts on “Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-four: The Frailty of Women?

  1. Caroline

    I am really enjoying this book! I’ve never read it, and I love to have a chance to catch up on something great that I missed.
    I agree totally with your suggestion that Marian is based on George Eliot – I never would have thought of it myself, being fuzzy on timeframes and who knew who, but it immediately made sense to me. I believe it was Henry James who met her and described how really ugly she was but how incredibly intelligent and charming so that you fell in love with her anyway.
    I love Collins’ occasional sarcastic tone, Walter said, “My nerves were not so sensitive as to have noticed…” something or other, I smiled.

  2. Patti/wombatknitter

    For some reason, the episode that downloads from the site is last week’s. I tried listening directly on this page and then I tried downloading it to a different window and I got the same thing. 🙁

  3. Renee

    Loving the book – I checked it out of the library to get the first chapter in my head (somehow, I wasn’t getting into the first episode). The edition has a ton of info about the author’s life and connections to the novel, which I’m passing on so I don’t get spoiled.

    Wouldn’t have thought of George Eliot by the description of Marian, although I love Middlemarch, so it’s great to know. Evans is a Welsh name, right? Can’t wait to meet the half-sister next time!

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