Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-two: Snowblind

SO So so many things are happening, I know I’ll forget more than a few. But for now, here’s some links for you:

Holiday Vacations will be getting us the new brochures pronto so you can get all the info on the CraftLit Tour 2011 with Heather Ordover and Amy Detjen to Boston and all bookish/fibery things in MA… right over to the Rhinebeck Fairgrounds for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival! Look for the logo to appear soon in the upper right corner of this page!

oh SHOOT! I forgot to tell you–the Droid App is out!!!! It was a big glitchy at first–if that happens to you or to you on the iPhone app PLEASE be sure to use the little “report a problem” link within the app. That goes straight to the tech guys and (as one listener let me know) they’re very fast. Also good to let me know so I can follow up!

Also, learned the hard way—no more video podcasts! It glitched up so many things…
garterstitch100 | International Women’s Day 100
| 100 million Stitches for 100 million Women
100 Events for 100th International Women’s Day
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen
Tuesday March 8th 2011 is the
Centenary of International Womens’ Day
We are coming together for International Women’s Day to celebrate and look to women for solutions, for stories and for inspiration. We are bringing together 100 events will be hosted at Glasgow’s Tramway and Hidden Gardens on Tuesday 8th March, including: speakers, story tellers, visual art, dance, music, film, and a massive amount of knitting. We are trying to provoke Scotland into asking questions regarding women in 2011 by collectively knitting between 60 and 100 million stitches to exhibit as a backdrop to this event. That, my friend, is a 21km scarf… or one massive blanket. Why the big blanket?
Demographer’s have shown that there are between 60 million and 100 million females missing from today’s global population. Sheryl WuDunn’s book “Half the Sky” investigates the oppression of women globally. Her stories shock. Only when women in developing countries have equal access to education and economic opportunity will we be using all our human resources.
We are asking you to get involved.
Here’s how: Knit a square and send it to us!
Jetson and Janssen
c/o Tramway 
25 Albert Drive
Glasgow G41 2PE

Make a Boob:
Make a Boob is a community art project about breast cancer by award winning quilt artist Nina Lise Moen from Norway. She is collecting symbolic fabric boobs from all over the world which will be decorated at workshops and made into Make a Boob Art. Make a Boob provides art therapy for breast cancer patients, and raises awareness and involvement through making boobs for the project and exhibition of Make a Boob Art. Art pieces will be donated to hospitals and organizations who work with breast cancer and –patients.

If you would like to contribute you can make boobs and send them to Nina Lise.  You will find the step-by-step directions, mail address etc. on the Make a Boob blog,

Nina Lise
Some boob’s…

New podcasts:
Clothed in the Lamb

Debra’s CraftPatience—— listed in iTunes and on Podcast Alley, both are linked on my website.

Arizona update: I recorded and was poised to post just about when the shootings happened. The incident was a mile or so from our house and (not surprisingly) rather unnerving. We knew one of the victims and are still wrapping our heads around the event, the move, and everything. I’ll podcast with chapter one as soon as I possibly can.

10 thoughts on “Collins—Episode One hundred ninety-two: Snowblind

  1. Cecelia Riehl

    Gosh, Heather. Again? You were right there when 9/11 happened and now you are right in the midst of another tragedy. What a horrible thing this was. Do what you have to to take care of your needs and those of your family. This time you have two young sons who must be upset and confused. We’ll look forward to the start of the book, when things settle down again.



  2. margaret

    Hi Heather.

    Can only imagine how unsettling the events of Saturday must be for you. Having once lived in Arizona, the Safeway setting is so familiar. Will look forward chapter one when you feel ready….margaret

  3. Cecelia Riehl

    I couldn’t find anything to download from this site. If it’s here would someone please tell me how to find it? I did end up finding it by going to libsyn. couldn’t find that link either, so I went to Knitmisadventures libsyn site and typed ‘craftlit’ instead of the name there. To my surprise that worked and I did download the new episode. Haven’t listened yet.

    I don’t know if others are having as much trouble as I am finding these. I don’t use I-tunes.

  4. Caroline

    Did you get a reader for the Fitzgerald story yet?

    I would like us to do a Katherine Mansfield short story also sometime…

    And wow, you’re coming out here! You will probably live way south if the job is in Alexandria but hey it’s closer than Tucson is!

  5. Host Post author

    From Heather in KY:
    Thought this might be interesting for those participating in the make a boob drive. The first thing that came to mind when you mentioned it in the podcast was the pattern I saw on Knitty several years ago when I was first learning to knit. It just struck me as interesting (plus, I didn’t understand how to knit in the round at that point – just crochet)

    also, I found this one when trying to find the Knitty pattern again.

    Hope it’s helpful for those who are looking for a good pattern that’s NOT quilted, but might still work for the project.

    Thank you, Heather!

  6. penny

    yes, it appears there is an issue with the download link for specific episodes on their post pages when accessing i was informed of the problem this morning and i’m working on determining why the link is missing for heather asap. if you need a link to download from, please try this link in the meantime: (as has been suggested above — thanks everyone!).

    thank you for being patient!

  7. Kidnurse Cindy

    Heather! You are going to be at Stitches West! Yay! I will be going with some of the members of our Friday night knitting group. WE have so much fun. And now I can look forward to meeting you and getting your book too. We travel up by car from So Cal and stay for a couple of nights. We love it! All the color, all the yarn All the books! We gather around the tables on the side and sit and talk, knit crochet and then go off and forage thru the market.
    Also I think I am hearing from the universe that tell me to knit a knocker. Someone from the ravelry so cal group just posted about that project.
    Try not to get overwhelmed with moving- Just remember that old joke- How do you eat an elephant?
    One bite at a time
    Take care,

  8. Kat

    I’ve been listening since last year’s MDSW and recently commented, on Ravelry, for the first time about catching up. Well, now I am here, and so surprised that you are moving to my town! I’m sorry you have to move again but Alexandria is a great town with access to so much, from the Textile Museum and all of DC’s fabulous museums to Shenandoah National Park – I’m sure you’ve heard it all already. Funny enough, I also used to live in the Hudson Valley when I was a kid so I loved the occasional glimpses of it from your early episodes. Just wanted to wish you the best in your upcoming move and also send my thanks for your dedication to putting out such a wonderful podcast!

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