3 thoughts on “Austen—012: Chapters 35–37

  1. BeckJo

    Heather, I’m having trouble getting your podcast, also. I caught up with you through episode 8 and I’m dieing to hear the next ones! I was able to download 11 and 12, but no 9 and 10. Your little buttons seem to work great. I’ll look forward to seeing them for the remaining episodes!

  2. Susan

    I love love LOVE this story. Who knew I’d be such an Austen fan? I read Emma in college and it took me a while to really appreciate the humor of it- perhaps I was still a bit too much like Emma then. Now I marvel at Austen’s work.

    This is a great show. I get a little knitting and a fantastic book. Thanks for all your work.

    P.S. This podcast sounded espeically good. I think your tinkering worked.

  3. Heather

    Thanks TONS!

    I love Austen too. Next week, I’ll do a little chick-lit talk…my husband brought something interesting up.

    I’m also relieved the sound was better! It’s hard to tell as it plays “perfectly” on my computer/iPod…but then it would, wouldn’t it…otherwise I would have changed it earlier!
    Thanks tons for the feedback,

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