3 thoughts on “Austen—010: Chapters 27–30

  1. Julie D.

    I just discovered your podcast and really love it. You have such great resources that I find myself constantly casting down my needles to make notes. Also, the discovery of LibriVox was quite liberating. I am working my way through Treasure Island with great pleasure.

    Thanks so much for a great show!

  2. Heather

    Hey Thanks!
    Isn’t Treasure Island fun!?!
    My son and I will do the whole thing when we drive from NY to AZ in five weeks (ye gods, only five weeks!!!???)

    I’m so glad you like the ‘cast!

  3. Julie D.

    Holy Moly, what a long drive! I’d have to have several extra books on hand just to be safe. 😀

    If you happen to go through Dallas and need anything just let me know …

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