Austen—003: chapters 7-8

Welcome to Episode 3!

We’ll also move on to chapters seven and eight in Pride and Prejudice, narrated (as always) by Karen Savage.

And, a little note: I’m so glad those of you who’ve commented are enjoying Austen. She’s a fave of mine (duh!) and I’m thrilled that listening to her words is bringing you some joy while your hands are otherwise occupied.

Listen to Episode 3 audio.

3 thoughts on “Austen—003: chapters 7-8

  1. Knittymama

    Hey, what a great idea for a podcast! I wanted to start listening tomight but can’t seem to find episode one…

  2. vvb

    love the doll action figure and the other ones also available. they would be even cuter if they came in a smaller size – miniature.

  3. Melissa

    Just dropping a note here to give a head’s up…the download link seems to point to a non-existent file? There’s also only one listening/streaming option, instead of the several I see on other posts. Luckily, I remembered about the Libsyn feed, from the recent un-updated debacle in real time. 😉 Anyone else stumbling across this in the meantime, head here if anything’s broken!

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