Welcome to Just the Books

Stick a book in your ear?
Sure, because you might want to use your hands for other things!

The show is clean enough for homeschooling, useful for ESL (hello rewind button!), and always free. You can listen easily via iTunes, Learn out Loud, or Stitcher Radio, your fave podcast aggregator, or use the iPhone/Android app.

Just the Books is a sister-show to the well-reviewed CraftLit: A Podcast for Crafters Who Love Books. In episodes of CraftLit, the host shares crafty chit-chat before highlighting the important parts of the next chapter of the book being covered. Just the Books—when in production—takes the audio from the CraftLit episodes and lops off the crafty talk, leaving you with (you guessed it!) Just the Book talk.

The episode numbers correlate between shows, so Pride and Prejudice chapters 1–4 are covered in CraftLit episode one as well as in Just the Books episode one. To begin at the beginning—with Pride and Prejudice—please start at the very beginning.